The Executive Board, as PayPoint’s team with responsibility for the day-to-day operational management of the Group, is accountable for the ESG strategy to help drive change and a more sustainable future for PayPoint

The framework through which PayPoint provides transparency on how it operates its business, which is in line with current regulations, is set out in the Corporate Governance Report on pages 58 to 63 and in the Risk Management Report, on page 36. In addition, our anti-bribery and corruption policy is set out in the Audit Committee Report on page 71.

PayPoint recognises that driving better corporate behaviours provides returns over the longer-term and ESG is therefore a key focus of our Board.

We are developing our approach to climaterelated risks in terms of governance, strategy and risk management. Over the next year, metrics will be also be agreed to measure our performance against environmental targets.

As part of our ESG journey, we participated in the CDP survey for the first time last year and our results for the 2021 CDP survey will provide environmental information to existing and potential investors, customers and other stakeholders who will be able to assess our progress towards environmental stewardship. Our participation in the CDP survey also assists in our preparation to report against the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (‘TCFD’). Full disclosure in accordance with the TCFD will be provided in our 2022 annual report

PayPoint Plc, and certain of its subsidiaries, are signatories to the Prompt Payment Code, a voluntary code of practice for payment practices whereby signatories undertake to pay 95% of their supplier invoices within 60 days. Our payment practices are reported on a sixmonthly basis and details can be found at

Over the coming months we intend to broaden the due diligence undertaken as part of our procurement process to assess environmental, social and governance risks within our supply chain to align ESG standards of our suppliers with those of PayPoint.

Together with our Green Team of volunteers from around the business we will also continue to develop and implement initiatives in the office in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Compliant with current mandatory disclosures our greenhouse gas emissions are detailed on page 43

Finally, the following table sets out our Group Non-Financial Information statement, prepared in order to comply with sections 414C and 414CB of the Companies Act 2006. A description of our business model and strategy, as well as the non-financial KPIs relevant to our business, can be found on pages 12 to 29

Reporting requirement Where to find further information Page Relevant policies if applicable
Environmental matters Responsible Business - Our environmental policy will be launched during the next 12 months
Employees Responsible Business
Principal Risks
Audit Committee Report
44 to 45
37 to 40
Recruitment and Selection
Health and Safety
Code of Ethics
Society and communities Responsible Business 46 Charitable donations
Respect for human rights Responsible Business & and modern-slavery-act 44 and 45 Modern Slavery Statement
Human Rights
Anti-bribery and corruption Audit Committee Report 71 Anti-bribery and corruption

Page numbers referenced above relate to the contents of the 2021 Annual Report and Accounts