Our values

Our goal is to keep modern life moving with innovative solutions and first class service to delight our customers. We do this by living our six values outlined below, which together form the DNA of our culture. They guide our behaviour and interactions with all of our customers.

Via our Monthly Values Award programme, we recognise individuals who demonstrate our company values in their day to day role.

Each month we focus on one of our six values and reward an employee with £200 worth of Love2shop vouchers and the use of a premium car parking space for one month.

Taking personal ownership, delivering on promises and seeing things through to the end.

  • Keeping our promises even if it takes extra effort

  • Holding others to account to ensure the job gets done

  • Taking ownership of problems and seeing them through to the end

  • Being confident to make a decision and confronting the consequences

  • Owning up to our mistakes

Challenging the status quo, solving problems and identifying improvements to what we do.

  • Questioning and not accepting the status quo

  • Taking the right decision rather than the easy decision

  • Questioning things that are clearly wrong

  • Being curious

  • Asking ourselves 'how can we improve what we do' and acting upon it

  • Learning and applying learning

Listening, understanding and supporting each other to deliver success.

  • Taking time to understand how other parts of the business work

  • Remembering that we work for PayPoint and not just our team

  • Supporting each other when needed

  • Ensuring when work is passed on it is the best it can be

  • Being open with each other

Understanding our customers' needs and building excellent processes, services and solutions to deliver customer satisfaction.

  • Treating our customers as we would like to be treated

  • Taking personal responsibility for customer satisfaction

  • Challenging others when their actions do not have our customer's best interests in mind

  • Listening to the needs of our customers and acting upon them

  • Continually working together to better develop our customer relationships

  • Showing empathy and respect towards the customer

Innovating, driving results, being bold, 'can do' and creative to deliver position change.

  • Open to new ways of doing things and welcoming change

  • Keeping things simple

  • Acting fast

  • Taking a creative approach to challenges and opportunities

  • Making small improvements in what we do every day

  • Seeking commercial advantage

  • Having the courage to follow through on the right decisions

Visibly being committed, enthusiastic, energetic and enjoying achieving goals.

  • Having a 'can do' attitude

  • Going the extra mile to deliver great results

  • Having self belief and belief in the business

  • Enjoying what we do

  • Doing things before being asked

  • Inspiring others

  • Taking time to celebrate successes, no matter how small

  • Recognising individuals achievements in line with our values

  • Promoting a fun work environment