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Attitudes To Social Media Fundraising

Social media fundraising campaigns match high-profile televised appeals in capturing consumer support.

Payments experts, PayPoint, applauds charities for embracing digital platforms during a pandemic climate.

27 January 2022The move by many charities to adopt social media advertising to attract donations throughout the UK’s lockdown experiences will be well rewarded, suggests a new survey by digital payment expert, PayPoint. Whilst the general public ranked TV adverts as being the most influential appeal for funds (21%) in the last two years, social media campaigns came in joint second alongside high-profile telethon appeals such as Comic Relief and Children in Need at 15%.

The British publics’ hearts have not grown any fonder of unsolicited at-home fundraising approaches, despite their relative absence over the last 2 years.  According to PayPoint, which acquired charity specialist payment provider RSM2000 in April 2021, not one of the two hundred people it surveyed welcomed door-to-door fundraisers and just 2% said they welcomed telephone calls at their home.

Physical local high street and shopping centre fundraising activities were also ranked highly as a tactic to prompt donations (13%). Despite being a face-to-face method, it can be far less intrusive than a phone call at home or a knock on the front door. The finding may also represent a shift in sentiment towards local shops and the high street environments as ‘community spaces’.

Of all respondents, 24% said they feel pressured into giving donations by aggressive campaigners, 22% are worried about giving more than they can afford, and another 22% are anxious about being locked into a payment schedule.  Making donors feel like they understand their commitment and can control their donations are therefore important messages to get across.

“One of the major lessons learned by the sector from developing digital campaigns has been the need to focus on a clear, unambiguous donor ‘journey’ which has to be made as frictionless as possible for the potential donor. Engaging through social media as a first step of that process clearly appeals to today’s discerning donor,” explains Danny Vant, Client Services Director at PayPoint.

“Subsequent donor contact then has to be seen as part of a dialogue in a two-way relationship, rather than an ambush to get a transaction. Those charities that provide flexible options for making easy donation payments, that put the donor in control, will benefit from a healthier ongoing relationship. Tools such as PayPoint’s PayByLink include payment links in text and email messaging to increase the effectiveness of customer engagement and in turn, the likelihood of donations.   Furthermore, user-friendly payment options remove friction from the payment process whilst retaining security and peace of mind, increasing customer confidence and donations success.”