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Simplified tyne tunnel tolls bring motorists to PayPoint retailers

Toll booths replaced by convenient pay later solutions in local stores

Demonstrating the diversity of applications for PayPoint’s in-store payment solutions, Tyne Tunnels operator TT2 has partnered with the organisation to offer greater convenience and a wider range of toll payment options for drivers.  Physical toll booths are being removed from Tyne Tunnels as part of the Tyne Pass project – a commitment to reducing congestion and pollution around Tunnels – with a range of pre-payment and pay later solutions, including cash payments at local PayPoint stores, being offered.

The PayPoint collaboration enables toll payments to be made up to midnight on the day after someone uses the tunnel, paying in cash or card at one of the 28,000 PayPoint retailers nationwide. 99% of the UK's population live in a one-mile radius of a PayPoint outlet.

The Tyne Pass project is an important step in TT2’s commitment to Open Road Tolling by the end of 2021, which aims to cut congestion and the damaging emissions caused by stop-start traffic. Over 50,000 customers travel through the Tyne Tunnels each day1, and queuing on toll plazas causes significant delays on these journeys. Removing the need to queue to pay tolls is expected to dramatically cut congestion whilst reducing carbon emissions by 90%2, or 50,000 tonnes per year3.

Danny Vant, Client Services Director for PayPoint said: “This collaboration with the Tyne Pass project is another example of PayPoint working to secure partnerships that will benefit our retailer network. As well as reducing journey times and increasing convenience for leisure and commercial drivers, the option to pay later in local shops will bring increased in-store footfall and build customer loyalty within the local area. Importantly, the project plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions, as we all look to play our part in working towards a greener UK.”

Payments can be made via the Tyne Tunnels website, automated telephone payment line (0191 574 0030), dedicated Tyne Tunnels app or at any PayPoint retailer, delivering the highest level of convenience for all drivers using the tunnels.