Notification of transactions by Directors / PDMRs

Buyout Award - Listing Rule 9.4.2 (2)

The Company announces that on 1 August 2023 a one-off buyout award over 4,506 Ordinary Shares was granted to Rob Harding, an Executive Director of the Company ("Buyout Award"). The Buyout Award was granted in the form of a nil cost option, on terms equivalent to the Company's Restricted Share Plan.

The Buyout Award made to Rob Harding follows the start of his employment with PayPoint Plc, as Chief Financial Officer. Mr Harding has been granted an award of shares in compensation for incentives forfeited from his previous employer, De La Rue Plc. The Buyout Award will ordinarily vest in two tranches - 50% on 1 August 2024 and 50% on 1 August 2025 - subject to his continued employment with PayPoint Group.

The Buyout Award was entered into without prior shareholder approval under Listing Rule 9.4.2(2) and will be limited to settlement with market purchase Ordinary Shares. The Buyout Award was made in accordance with the Company's directors’ remuneration policy.

This announcement is made in accordance with the requirements of Market Abuse Regulation Article 19.


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Company Secretary
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