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Deferred Share Bonus Plan

PayPoint plc announces that on 1 June 2010, in accordance with the rules of the PayPoint plc Deferred Share Bonus Plan (the ‘DSB’), the following Executive Directors and Persons Dispensing Managerial Responsibility (‘PDMR’) purchased ordinary shares in the Company (‘Bonus Shares’) and the Remuneration Committee has granted the following conditional share awards (‘Matching Shares’):

Director Bonus Shares Purchased Matching Share Awards
George Earle 12,224 21,222
Dominic Taylor 16,150 27,905
Tim Watkin-Rees 10,442 18,043
PDMR Bonus Shares Purchased Matching Share Awards
Graham Bird 3,315 5,728

Under the rules of the DSB, the Executive Directors and PDMRs are able to defer up to 50% of their bonus (after the deduction of tax) relating to the financial year ending 28 March 2010 to acquire ordinary shares of the Company (‘Bonus Shares’). The Bonus Shares were acquired on 1 June 2010 at a price per share of 287.66 pence.

In addition, the DSB provides for the Company to allocate one Matching Share, subject to certain conditions, for every Bonus Share that would have been acquired if the gross bonus deferred had been invested in shares. The release of the Matching Share awards is subject to minimum earnings per share growth of the company of RPI + 3% p.a. in respect of the three year period from the date of grant and each participant retaining his or her Bonus Shares for three years (in the case of the awards detailed here, until 1 June 2013). The Matching Shares were allocated on 1 June 2010 at a price per share of 287.66 pence.

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