22 November 2021

PayPoint Plc ("the Company")


As a result of transactions on 22 November 2021 by the PayPoint Plc Share Incentive Plan (a HM Revenue & Customs approved all employee share purchase plan), the executive directors and persons discharging management responsibility of the Company have the following interests as a result of their personal participation in the Plan:-




Partnership Shares

Purchase Date:


Share Price:

Matching Shares

Award Date: 22/11/2021

Share Price:

Total number of Partnership, Matching and Dividend Shares held on 22/11/2021
Simon Coles20202,008
Katy Wilde19193,566
Alan Dale19192,091
Benjamin Ford1919662
Nicholas Wiles1919577
Mark Latham1919144
Tanya Murphy2020229


In accordance with the rules of the Plan the persons named above have been awarded the Matching Shares on the basis of one Matching Share for each Partnership Share.


The beneficial ownership of the Matching Shares will pass to the persons listed above in three years time subject to continued employment and the retention of the underlying Partnership Shares.


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Company Secretary

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