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The Company announces that on 27 July 2020, in accordance with the rules of the Company’s Restricted Share Plan (the 'RSP'), the Remuneration Committee has granted awards over ordinary shares of 1/3 penny each in the share capital of the Company (‘Shares’) to Directors and Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibility (‘PDMR’) under the RSP as follows:


Name of Director/ PDMR

Number of Shares granted under RSP Award *

Nicholas Wiles


Alan Dale


Lewis Alcraft


Jonathan Marchant


Katy Wilde


Daniel Vant


Benjamin Ford


Mugur Dogariu


The above awards were granted at a price of £5.93 per Share (being the mid-market price on the preceding dealing day).

The release of the RSP awards at the date of vesting is dependent upon the participants having:

  1. continued employment; and
  2. achieved satisfactory personal appraisals during the relevant vesting periods.

In addition, the release of the RSP awards is subject to a positive assessment of the Company’s performance and delivery against its strategy and plans to justify the level of vesting.

The RSP awards may vest (subject to the conditions outlined above) in full after 3 years with the exception of the award granted to Nicholas Wiles.  As Chief Executive, his award will normally vest over a 5-year period with 50% vesting after 3 years, and 25% after 4 and 5 years.  The award to the Chief Executive will also be subject to a 5-year holding period from the date of grant (27 July 2020) during which period he will ordinarily be required to retain the net of tax number of vested Shares.


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