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Activitatea Goscom customers can now pay their bills through PayPoint Romania

Bucharest, 5 September 2013: Activitatea Goscom customers have a new method for paying their bills, simply and quickly, through PayPoint terminals located in neighbourhood stores, following an agreement between Activitatea Goscom S.A., the local water supplier in Orăştie City and surrounding villages from Hunedoara County, and PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator.

The payment through PayPoint is simple, safe and convenient: the customer simply takes the bill to the nearest store with a PayPoint terminal and the shop assistant scans the barcode on the bill, the customer hands over the value of the bill in cash and receives a receipt with the details of the transaction on it (date, amount, location, service provider’s name, etc.). The PayPoint service is free of charge, with no fees for consumers.

In the municipality of Orăştie and surrounding villages in Hunedoara County, PayPoint has 22 branded terminals located in minimarkets, supermarkets and neighbourhood stores with extended opening hours. The customers can find the nearest PayPoint store online at www.paypoint.com/romania, where they simply enter the names of the town and street where they live in the “Agent Locator”, and the map will show the nearest PayPoint terminals. This way, customers can find out which is the closest store where they can simply, safely and quickly pay their bills.

While paying their Activitatea Goscom bills through PayPoint terminals, people living in Orăştie City and surrounding villages in Hunedoara County can also pay their household bills, such as gas, electricity, mobile phones, internet and cable services or instalments. They can even recharge their mobile phones and also send or receive money internationally or domestically in selected PayPoint stores.


For further information, please contact:
S.C. PayPoint Services S.R.L.
Mara Popescu
Tel: +4021 409 1400
Fax: +4021 409 1401
Mobil: +4072 386 0661
[email protected]