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RCS & RDS subscribers in Romania can now pay at PayPoint without presenting the bill

Bucharest, 11 December 2013 – Paying their bill at PayPoint has become even easier for RCS & RDS customers, who can now simply go to any of almost 8000 PayPoint partner stores all over the country to pay without taking the bill with them.

RCS & RDS is further improving its service to meet the needs of its customers by extending its partnership with PayPoint Romania for the payment of Digi bills with this new service. RCS & RDS customers wanting to pay their Digi bills in PayPoint stores now only need to tell the shop assistant their customer code and the amount they wish to pay, rather than remembering to take their bill with them to have the bar code on the invoice scanned.

The partnership between RCS & RDS and PayPoint Romania has been a great success from the begining and the results over the first four months have been outstanding, further proof that RCS & RDS subscribers appreciate the convenience, safety, quality of service and extended opening hours of PayPoint’s partner stores.

Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint România: "The partnership with RCS & RDS bore all the hallmarks of success from the beginning and, four months on from the launch, the results have exceeded our expectations, with hundreds of thousand of RCS & RDS bills having been paid through PayPoint! Many of the telecom operator’s customers have used our system from day one and now, with this new payment method offering consumers a higher degree of freedom when making payments, we expect volumes to increase further.”

Serghei Bulgac, Vicepre┼čedinte Financiar RCS & RDS: “We’re very happy with the results that our partnership with PayPoint has yielded and pleased that our subscribers appreciate the benefits of this collaboration. The ability to pay bills in a convenient and quick way through a network of almost 8000 outlets nationwide is very important for our customers, especially for those with limited access to other types of payments, be it banks or otherwise. By introducing a payment system that doesn’t require the bill to be presented, we’re even more confident in the success of this partnership.”


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