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Apa Serv SA extends bill payment service with PayPoint Romania into Neamt County

Bucharest, 9 July 2014 - Residents of Neamt County who obtain their water and sewage services from Apa Serv, the main provider of those services in Neamt County, are now able to pay their bills at any of around 250 local shops around the county that have PayPoint facilities.  PayPoint Romania is the country’s leading retail-based cash and mobile payment operator.

Making a payment through PayPoint is easy, safe and convenient. Apa Serv’s customers take their bill to the closest PayPoint agent, where the assistant scans the barcode on the bill, takes the appropriate amount of cash , and gives the customer  a receipt with all the details of the transaction (date of payment, amount, location, supplier, etc). The whole operation takes only a few moments, drastically reducing the time people need to spend paying their bills. As an authorised payments partner, payments to Apa Serv through PayPoint terminals are guaranteed.

“Along with offering quality services, customer satisfaction is a key priority for us and this partnership with PayPoint will help us achieve that by reducing the amount of time our customers have to spend paying their bills. Being able to pay them quickly and securely in neighbourhood stores close to where they live is a great advantage for our customers and one which they will definitely find valuable,” declared Ionut Catalin Dughir, General Manager, Apa Serv

“We are continuing to build the number and breadth of our services in terms of the types of payments available, the range of companies whose bills can be paid and, of course, through our physical presence in as many quality stores as possible. We are delighted to be adding another regional water provider from Moldova to our portfolio, to join the many other types of bill that residents in Neamt County can already pay quickly and securely through PayPoint’s network of terminals,” added Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director, PayPoint Romania.


For further information, please contact:

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Mara Popescu
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Mobile: +40 753 300115
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