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PayPoint Romania announces expansion of RCS & RDS agreement

Bucharest, 14 January 2016 – PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania announces the expansion of it’s agreement with RCS & RDS, one of the most important telecommunications providers in the region, to cover the prepaid mobile phone segment as well. From now on, Digi SIM card users will be able to top-up their credit in any one of the 9,450-plus PayPoint partner stores throughout Romania.

The expansion of the agreement confirms how successful the service has been since  the 2013 launch, proving that the advantages of the PayPoint solution – convenience, proximity and the long hours of the stores – are appreciated by an increasing number of RCS & RDS customers.  

The top-up method is extremely simple and convenient: the user goes to any store with the yellow PayPoint branding, asks to top-up their Digi SIM card and tells the attendant the value and their phone number. The payment is done in cash and the credit is added to their account, without having to type into the phone a secret top-up PIN printed on the receipt. The whole process is simple, quick and secure and the consumer receives a receipt with all the details of the transactions.

“Since we launched with RCS & RDS  two years ago, we were confident in its success and today’s announcement confirms our expectations. In the meantime, PayPoint was close to RCS & RDS’s customers by cashing millions of bills issued by the company and we are glad to announce this new feature for Digi’s customers. We trust that consumers will continue to show the same appreciation towards this agreement and we will enjoy the same success”, said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint Romania.  

“The agreement with PayPoint Romania will enable prepaid card users from all over the country to top-up their cards and activate the unbeatable offers from Digi Mobil’s portfolio. They were developed as a result of our customers’ interest towards configuring and managing their communication bundles. We decided to adapt to their demands and respond with these advantageous communication “instruments”, providing affordable prices for Options that include unlimited talk and text as well as mobile data up to 4 GB”, added Ovidiu Bejan, Commercial Manager Digi Mobil.