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PayPoint plc Share Incentive Plan

As a result of transactions on 18 December 2015 by the PayPoint plc Share Incentive Plan (an HM Revenue & Customs approved all employee share purchase plan), the executive directors and persons discharging management responsibility of the Company have the following interests as a result of their personal participation in the Plan:


Dividend Shares
Award Date: 18/12/2015 Allotment Price: £9.50

number of Partnership, Matching and Dividend Shares held on 18/12/2015
Graham Bird 50 4184
George Earle 0 7957
Dominic Taylor 0 9937
Tim Watkin-Rees 0 9991
Jon Marchant 19 1296

In accordance with the rules of the Plan the persons named above have been awarded Dividend Shares.