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PayPoint terminals available in Carrefour stores country-wide

Bucharest, 14 December 2015 - PayPoint Romania, the leading retail-based bill and mobile top-up payment service in Romania is announcing a new agreement with Carrefour Romania. From now on, Carrefour’s customers will also enjoy the benefits of PayPoint’s system. They will be able to pay bills for utilities, mobile phone plans, internet or cable TV, as well as insurance premiums and repay loans.

Payments are done in a modern, safe and convenient way, through PayPoint’s terminals available in all types of Carrefour stores all over Romania: 29 Carrefour hypermarkets, over 100 Carrefour Market supermarkets and 11 Carrefour Express convenience stores.

To make a payment, customers must simply take their bill to the PayPoint-designated area in their nearest Carrefour store and tell the attendant what type of payment they wish to make. After the transaction has been processed, the attendant receives the money in cash and hands the consumer a receipt, issued by the terminal, with all the transaction’s details (date, amount, location, supplier etc.). There is no extra fee and consumers are not required to shop at the store to access PayPoint’s system!

“Our partnership with Carrefour is strengthening our position within modern retail and brings us closer to the many consumers who enter Carrefour’s stores every day. Whether they enter a supermarket for their daily shopping or go to a hypermarket for their weekly re-supply, consumers will also enjoy access to our payment services which will make their lives easier. We are very proud of this agreement because we are taking PayPoint’s services into an important, established and dependable chain in Romania. We are convinced that the advantages of our system will be appreciated by Carrefour’s customers for whom a single trip to the store will also allow them to deal with bills as well as making many other types of payments that are available on our terminal”, said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint Romania.

“The agreement with PayPoint is important for Carrefour, given that it’s essential for us to meet our clients’ evolving needs. With this agreement, we wish for an advantageous collaboration with a partner who is constantly seeking to provide its customers with innovative services. At the same time, we trust our customers too will understand the advantages of implementing this payment system in all Carrefour stores in Romania”, said Andreea Mihai, Marketing & PR Manager Carrefour Romania.

Along with paying for their Road Tax, consumers are also able to use PayPoint terminals to pay bills for utilities (electricity, gas, water, sanitation etc), mobile phone plans, internet or cable TV as well as buy mobile phone top-ups and airplane tickets, pay for security services, repay loans and even transfer money, both internally and internationally, at selected PayPoint locations