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PayPoint Romania is 7 years old this month

PayPoint Romania is 7 years old this month, with results recommended by millions

PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania, is celebrating seven years since the launch of the bill payment service in Romania this month. Since 2008, the company has experienced tremendous growth and earned the trust of millions of Romanians.

7 years old, 9,200 stores, 53.5 million transactions, 97 supplier partners                                                       

From the launch of the service, PayPoint has grown spectacularly (size of network, number of partners, number of transactions handled), driven by consumers’ trust in the service.

Since the service launched in 2008, the number of partner stores has grown by 360% (2,000 to 9,200 today) country-wide in supermarkets, minimarkets and convenience stores with long hours. The volume of bill payment transactions handled through PayPoint terminals also increased every year, from over 1 million in 2008/2009, to 53.5 million in 2014/2015.

The number of supplier partners that PayPoint is working with has also increased considerably from 14 in 2008 to 97 today. This ranges from companies with a country-wide coverage, to local utility companies or providers of services that are not usually found in the retail environment. As a result, the range of payments you can make at PayPoint stores has changed dramatically from the early days of utility, telecoms and financial services to recent launches of money transfer, e-money, road tax, airplane tickets and security services.

“Every year since we launched in Romania has seen growth and the broadening of services offered. In 2008, we were announcing a new service, completely atypical for the retail environment, and were making efforts towards earning Romanians’ trust. Our slogan, “PayPoint. Recommended by millions”, says a lot about the results we’ve delivered over the past seven years. The numbers really have spoken for us and about us since launch, thanks to the consumers that have given us their trust. We will, of course, spare no effort in order to maintain this upward trend in the future and consolidate our position as payments specialists“, said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director of PayPoint Romania.

How does the PayPoint system work?

PayPoint is a useful method that allows anyone to pay their bills in convenience stores, quicker and easier.

Consumers simply take their bill to the nearest PayPoint store where an attendant scans the bill’s barcode; the consumer then pays in cash and receives a receipt with all the details of the payment (date, amount, location, provider etc). The whole operation is extremely quick, greatly reducing the time required to pay bills and the consumer does not pay any extra fee.

The entire process is very secure and the transaction is processed quickly. The services provided by PayPoint are enabled by an advanced IT infrastructure, a modern payment technology and strict processes. The touch screen-equipped PayPoint terminal can handle a wide assortment of payments and issues a printed receipt for every transaction. Furthermore, the PayPoint system allows real-time verification of all the transactions, for every site and every supplier partner. The information for all payments is recorded, while the consumers are certain their payment is accepted by the supplier, thanks to the receipt with the details of the transaction.

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