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PayPoint announces agreement with Aparegio Gorj SA

Bucharest, 23 April 2015 - PayPoint Romania, the leading retail-based bill and mobile top-up payment service in Romania, has signed an agreement with Aparegio Gorj SA, the regional supplier of water and sewerage services in the County of Gorj, to enable Aparegio Gorj’s customers to pay their water and sewerage bills in PayPoint stores. Adding Aparegio Gorp to its payment schemes strengthens PayPoint’s position in Oltenia.

In order to make a payment, consumers take their bills to the nearest PayPoint neighbourhood store where the shop assistant handles the entire process, from scanning the bill’s barcode to taking the money, in cash, and handing the consumer a receipt issued by the terminal with all of the details of the transaction (date, amount, location, supplier etc). The PayPoint payment method is secure and provided at no extra cost!

“We are very pleased that the residents of Gorj can now pay even more bills with just one trip to their local PayPoint store. We have a network of 120 shops in the county, where they can enjoy the benefits of the PayPoint system. We’re confident that this will be a successful addition to our services as customers enjoy quick and secure transactions in stores that are close to where they live, open late and where they’re able to do their shopping at the same time,” said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director, PayPoint Romania.

Mr. Traian Patrascoiu, General Manager Aparegio Gorj SA, added:

“Offering new methods for paying their bills is consistent with our policy of focusing on the relationship we have with our customers. We already work with banks to offer direct payments, direct debit, ATM payments and bank transfers, and are now opening up a new channel for paying water bills that is easy to use and extremely convenient to access through PayPoint Romania’s 120 shops throughout the County. This new payment method is mainly targeted towards individual households and apartment block owners’ associations, as well as companies which pay their bills in cash. We also hope that this initiative will lead to a substantial increase in bill payment collection rates.”

PayPoint offers consumers a convenient, simple, secure and quick method of paying bills for gas, electricity, mobile phone plans, internet, cable TV or financial services, and pay for their road tax, as well as buy mobile phone top-ups and even transfer money, both internally and internationally, at selected PayPoint locations.


For further information, please contact:

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