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RAJA bills can now be paid through the PayPoint retail network in Romania

Bucharest, 27 February 2012: PayPoint Romania, one of the main cash payment operators in Romania, has signed a new agreement for bill collection with SC RAJA SA, the largest regional water supply and sewerage operator in Romania. The partnership reflects SC RAJA SA’s objective of providing its customers with modern payment systems that allow them to pay their bills in a simple and safe way.

Starting this month, the PayPoint service is available to all SC RAJA SA customers, at no additional cost, in PayPoint branded convenience stores. When in the shop, customers simply hand the bill to the retailer along with the payment in cash and the retailer does the rest. The customer receives a receipt for every payment made.

The PayPoint service is a quick, simple and safe way for customers to pay their bills while shopping, through any of the 6,600 retailers in PayPoint Romania’s nationwide retail network. Consumers can find their nearest PayPoint locations on the company’s website, www.ro-ro.paypoint.com.


For further information, please contact:
S.C. PayPoint Services S.R.L.
Mara Popescu
Tel: +4021 409 1400
Fax: +4021 409 1401
Mobil: +4072 386 0661
[email protected]

PayPoint is one of the main cash payment operators in Romania. The company officially launched its bill payment service under the PayPoint brand in August 2008 and has since expanded its client portfolio by signing partnerships with a range of companies across several service sectors.

PayPoint Romania has 43 major customers in telecommunications, utilities and financial services, of which 35 are for payment collection services.

SC RAJA SA is the largest regional operator in Romania for water supply and sewerage public services. It serves over 1,000,000 people, and during summer, more than 2.5 million people.  

SC RAJA SA is a founding member of the Romanian Association of Water and, at the same time, it is the first company providing water supply services and sewerage in Romania which became a member of IWA (International Water Association). Details related to SC RAJA SA can be found on the Company’s website: www.rajac.ro.