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PayPoint Romania expands financial services portfolio with partnership with UNIQA Asigurari

Insurance company UNIQA Asigurari has entered into an agreement with PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania, to enable its customers to pay their insurance premiums at any of over 8,500 neighbourhood stores throughout Romania with a PayPoint payment terminal.

Making payments at PayPoint is quick, easy and safe for UNIQA Asigurari customers. When they go to a PayPoint store, they tell the shop assistant how much they want to pay and either hand them a statement with a barcode, which is scanned on the PayPoint terminal, or they can show a code received by text message from the insurance company, which is entered into the terminal. The assistant then takes the cash payment and gives the customer a receipt, issued by the terminal, with all the details of the transaction. Paying at PayPoint in this way is very quick and secure and significantly reduces the amount of time customers need to spend making everyday household payments.

“We know that consumers’ time is very limited, so by offering them a network of terminals near to their homes or on their way to work, we can make it easy for them to manage their finances as they go about their daily lives. This agreement with UNIQA Asigurari takes us another step closer to achieving our goal of offering consumers a quick and safe service that perfectly matches their active lifestyle,” said Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director, PayPoint Romania.

"We are pleased to announce that, from October, UNIQA has made it possible for its customers to pay their insurance premiums using PayPoint terminals. PayPoint is a comfortable, modern and convenient payment method, which we believe will be greatly appreciated by our policyholders," said Mr. Franz Weiler, Vice-president, UNIQA Asigurari.

“This initiative is one of a series of measures that the company is implementing to deliver our  corporate strategy and our desire to provide our customers with easily accessible quality services  and insurance solutions that are personalised for their needs.”

PayPoint’s partnership with UNIQA Asigurari further expands the number and types of payments that can be done via PayPoint in stores throughout the country. As well as paying for UNIQA Asigurari’s services, consumers are also able to pay their bills for utilities, mobile phone contracts, internet and cable TV. They can also top up their prepaid mobile phone, pay for their road tax, for security services or airplane tickets and even transfer money both internally and internationally, at selected PayPoint locations.


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