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PayPoint offers direct top-ups to Cosmote pre-paid consumers

Bucharest, 28 May 2014 - PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania, has extended its pre-paid top-up service with COSMOTE România, whose customers are now able to top up their phones quickly and easily, without having to use a secret top-up code.

Until now, COSMOTE România’s customers topping up their phones at PayPoint have had to tap into their phone the code printed on the voucher issued by the PayPoint terminal. Now, the customer only needs to tell the shop assistant at any one of the over 8,100 neighbourhood stores with a PayPoint terminal their phone number and the value of the top-up. The user’s phone number is then credited directly with that value. 

“We are always looking for new solutions that bring more flexibility and convenience to our customers’ lives and are now introducing a new, simpler method for COSMOTE România customers to top up their phones. Whether topping up for themselves or someone else, users will certainly appreciate the convenience of this service, which requires minimal effort while being simple and time-saving,” declared Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint Romania.

“Through our partnership with PayPoint, we are increasing the number of partners that enable COSMOTE Romania to offer its customers an efficient way of topping up their prepaid cards, that will help them save time. As such, we are continously meeting the needs of our users by giving them more top-up options that cover a wide variety of needs,” said Carmen Ciurezu, Post & Prepaid Partners Manager, Romtelecom and COSMOTE România.

The service is aimed at consumers who own a prepaid COSMOTE card. In addition to this new method, prepaid users are still able to use the traditional top-up method with a secret code printed on the voucher.


For further information, please contact:
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