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Debt Collection Agency customers in Romania can now go to PayPoint to make payments

Bucharest, 4 August 2014 – PayPoint Romania, the main retail-based cash and mobile payment operator in Romania has signed a new partnership in the financial sector with Debt Collection Agency Romania. The agreement will enable Debt Collection Agency’s customers to pay off their debts easily and on time through PayPoint’s nationwide retail network.

To make a payment, individuals whose debt is managed by Debt Collection Agency simply visit a nearby store with a PayPoint terminal and hand the barcoded statement to the shop assistant, who scans the barcode. The customer then pays, in cash, the amount due and receives a receipt with the transaction details. The process is very quick, thus considerably reducing the time required to make these payments.

Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint România, said: “The PayPoint system is perfect for payments to companies in the financial services sector because it’s recognised by so many people in Romania for its security, convenience and time-saving benefits. We’re very happy to offer consumers the ability to pay off these debts along with other payments they are making, and, as a result, helping them manage their monthly spending better.”

“We’ve partnered with PayPoint Romania because we want to help our customers to pay off their debts easily, and at no additional cost to them. For us, it’s very important to make it possible to pay as effortlessly and quickly as possible through PayPoint’s nationwide retail network,’’ said Dimana Vlaeva, Managing Director Debt Collection Agency.

Along with paying off for their debts, consumers can make a wide range of payments in PayPoint’s neighbourhood stores, including road tax, utility bills, electricity, mobile phone plans, internet or cable TV. They can also top up their prepaid mobile phone and even transfer money both internally and internationally, at select PayPoint locations.


For further information, please contact:

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