11th July 2024

PayPoint plc

("PayPoint" or the "Company")

Transaction in Own Shares

The Company announces today it has purchased the following number of its ordinary shares of £0.00333 each through Investec Bank plc (“Investec”).  

Ordinary Shares

Date of purchase:10th July 2024
Aggregate number of ordinary shares purchased:1,482
Lowest price per share (pence):634.00
Highest price per share (pence):640.00
Weighted average price per day (pence):637.7233

The Company intends to cancel the purchased shares.

The table below contains detailed information about the purchases made as part of the buyback programme.

Aggregate information:

VenueVolume-weighted average price (p)Aggregated volumeLowest price per share (p)Highest price per share (p)

Individual Transactions

In accordance with Article 5(1)(b) of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 as it forms part of UK law, a full breakdown of the individual trades made by Investec on behalf of the Company as part of the Programme is detailed below:

Date and time of each tradeNumber of shares purchasedPrice (pence per share)Trading VenueTransaction Reference Number
10 July 2024 11:03:01132639.00XLON00286303608TRLO1
10 July 2024 11:16:04118638.00XLON00286303996TRLO1
10 July 2024 11:16:0412638.00XLON00286303995TRLO1
10 July 2024 11:37:00100640.00XLON00286304934TRLO1
10 July 2024 14:55:0157634.00XLON00286311011TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:01:1712636.00XLON00286311263TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:18:3512636.00XLON00286312044TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:18:4712637.00XLON00286312048TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:38:20129639.00XLON00286313494TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:38:20129639.00XLON00286313493TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:38:2012639.00XLON00286313492TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:38:20118639.00XLON00286313491TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:51:13134637.00XLON00286314133TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:51:1337636.00XLON00286314130TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:51:135636.00XLON00286314131TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:51:137636.00XLON00286314132TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:53:03165636.00XLON00286314254TRLO1
10 July 2024 15:59:5414638.00XLON00286314807TRLO1
10 July 2024 16:14:59274637.00XLON00286316021TRLO1
10 July 2024 16:16:063636.00XLON00286316113TRLO1

For further information please contact:

PayPoint plc
Nick Wiles, Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: 07442 968960
Rob Harding, Chief Financial Officer
Mobile: 07525 707970

FGS Global
Rollo Head
James Thompson
Telephone: 0207 251 3801

Investec Bank plc
Carlton Nelson
Henry Reast
Telephone: 0207 597 5970