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The environment

PayPoint’s main impact on the environment stems from our use of resources to run offices in the UK and visit our retailer partners.


We recycle wherever possible, including paper, cans, plastic cups, cardboard, toners and print cartridges. We also recycle computer equipment. The proportion of waste recycled in 2020 was 52% of all waste generated (2019: 53.2%).

Our carbon footprint

We measure our carbon footprint in accordance with the Green House Gas (GHG) protocol. This allows us to monitor, by region, our carbon footprint and implement, where practical, targets to reduce our carbon footprint.

The two primary sources of PayPoint’s carbon emissions are business travel and energy consumption. We visit existing and prospective retailers in the UK. Routes are pre-planned to ensure efficiency where possible. Management regularly visits our businesses to review and improve performance. We aim to avoid unnecessary travel. Energy consumption arises from our offices in the UK. We have a cycle to work scheme for our UK employees. We encourage employees not to print unless necessary and our board papers are sent electronically rather than printed and sent by post.

Download our enviromental report